The Participant Hub

Client Brief

This client brief was to create a strong brand identity, which included a logo design, brand guidelines and other touchpoints to strengthen the brand. The Participant Hub is a start up business, coined by Richard Crisp, a Psychology Professor at Durham University. The business idea was to develop an online platform which generates surveys. This will mainly be used by Academic researchers in order to create surveys for participants to answer questions and generate useful statistical information.

When I started designing the logo I wanted to showcase how the two target audiences were helping each other, the participant giving the researcher useful information and the researcher offering financial reward to the participant. I felt this was portrayed by the way the two heads are merging together. As well as this I came up with an illustrative theme that could be used throughout the website and on physical touchpoints, such as posters and flyers.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and I am excited to see where this business adventure goes in the future.