Channel 8

University Project

This is a brand design project I did in my second year at Northumbria University. The brief was to come up a new brand identity for a television channel called “Channel Eight”. I also had to come up with a different and exciting genre that the channel could be based around.

I decided to go with hunting themed channel, specifically focusing on showing the illegal side with poaching and animal cruelty. As a concept for the channel I thought it was something unique, and it is an ever-growing issue in the world today. I wanted Channel Eight to be in your face with the problem, and not shying away from showing the cruelty on these animals. I went with a loud and provocative red colour scheme because I felt it was an eye-catching colour, which would trigger an emotional reaction from the audience.

As a way of advertising Channel Eight, I came up with a poster campaign using powerful facts about poaching and animal cruelty, in a bold and newspaper ransom style type. I felt that would immediately sum up what the channel was about and would also get an emotional reaction from the audience.