Confused About Energy

Client Brief

This is a client brief I have been working on for the website Confused About Energy. This website offers expert advice on how to save energy and what people can personally do to help the environment. The client wanted something that it’s target audience could relate which was playful but also related to the environment.

For the brief I came up with using bees as the main theme throughout the brand identity. This is because bees are a perfect metaphor for human lifestyle, the fact that they live in their own communities and having their own roles within the hive. The bee illustration is found on the logo and as a recurring character on the website, this makes the complicated subjects on the website more approachable, and more user friendly and interactive for consumers.

The website is still going through some development, mainly creating more articles for the site. We are also planning on improving our social media presence using the bees as a recurring theme throughout, to gain more of a following for the website.

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