Elephant Whiskey

University Project

This is a branding and product design project I completed, whilst in my second year at Northumbria University. The brief was to create a strong brand identity for a new whiskey founded in India, and sold exclusively in the UK. We had to use the name ‘Elephant Whiskey’ for the product and I had to create two different products a 20-year Single malt and a blended whiskey.

I decided to go in a different direction to others on this brief, completely removing the idea of using an Elephant with the brand. Instead I researched a ship called the HMS Elephant, from the 18th century, and came up with a brand design and story around that. I wanted the brand to reflect on mystery and adventure, and I thought a compass was a perfect metaphor for that as well symbolising the crew of the ‘HMS Elephant’ being lost at sea.

Both the bottle designs have the longitude etched into the bottle, adding to the brand story. The 20-year single malt will come in luxury whiskey box, with the logo engraved on the sides and the compass on front.