Gift Labels

Letterbox Friendly

Here are a few gift box labels that I designed that are sold on the Letterbox Friendly website as well as in their sweet shop, Bay Sweets and Gifts. Following the re-brand of Letterbox Friendly, the client wanted a few more products for the website, to broaden the range of content they have to offer.

I came up with a few different ideas for label designs. The first was a range of labels based around different decades, such as Generation X and Millennial, summing up each decade with the label design. I wanted them all to fit a similar theme, which shows how generations have changed over the years. I decided that technology was the best way to convey this, playfully showing illustrations of technology for each decade, for example an arcade machine for Generation X.

I have also designed new Happy Birthday label and a treasure chest label. They are both aimed towards the younger demographic, and would most likely be bought by parents as gifts for their young kids.

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