Illustration Designs


Here is a mixture of Illustration designs I came up with and designed before I started Northumbria University. I mainly did this to gain more skills and experience in illustrative design. I think this is a very important area in graphic design and it is something that I have a great interest in and really enjoy.

My first illustration design is inspired by one of my favourite hobbies, football; I showed this by creating an illustration of the Premier League trophy. Another illustration I have done, was inspired by people of the Roman era, it is a part of history that I have I always found fascinating and I wanted to show the uniqueness of Roman warriors by illustrating a Roman soldier and gladiator.

I have also done goldfish, inspired by a unique drawing of goldfish I did which I was interested in seeing what would like on illustrator. I also created a background for the goldfish that I think has added to the illustration design.