Letterbox Friendly

Client Brief

This is a client brief that I have been working on for Letterbox Friendly, a confectionary company based in Whitley Bay, which specialises in in selling sweet gift boxes online. They hired me to re-brand the company’s image and come up with a website design around that re-brand. They wanted something easy to use that will generate more sales for the company. They also wanted a stronger social media presence, on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

With Letterbox Friendly’s original logo there was a lot going on and it was very dated. What I wanted to do was keep the concept of a gift going through a letterbox, but having a lot more simplified and only using one or two colours if necessary. I went with a stripped colour theme using two different pantones of blue, the stripes symbolising the weigh-out bags that you would get when buying sweets at their sweet shop, Bay Sweets and Gifts.

For the web design I wanted something visually appealing, which celebrated the gift box and showed the variation of products available on the website. This is why I personally retook all the photos to capture the variation of colour and excitement in the gift boxes.

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