Mettle - Guy Gibson & Bomber Command

University Group Project

This was a group project I completed in my third year at Northumbria University. The brief was to come up with a brand identity and exhibition design based around Operation: UPKEEP, also known as the bouncing bomb. The brand identity had to include the logo design and other touchpoints, which gave the exhibition a strong physical presence.

As a group we decided to base our exhibition around the men involved in the mission, and largely around the Wing Commander, Guy Gibson. The title Mettle is a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties, spirit and resilience. We felt this perfectly summed up the ‘Dam Busters’. The logo design uses a very strong and bold typeface, and incorporates the wing command strips in the “e” at the end of Mettle. For the exhibition design we recreated what it would have been like for the Bomber Command and created a step-by-step guide of the ordeals they would have been through in the build up, duration and aftermath of Operation: UPKEEP.

The exhibition would be held in Green Park, London and it would take place underground and when exiting the exhibition, visitors would find themselves in the RAF Bomber Command Memorial. Finally Mettle would also be advertised using various posters and imagery on the sides of buses.