Null Space Cider

University Project

This is a brand and product design project for an alcoholic beverage I completed whilst in my third year at Northumbria University. BrandOpus – Chrysalis 2017, set the brief. The brief was to come up with a new and innovative concept for an alcoholic beverage (under 7% alcohol) that hasn’t been done before, and come up with a really creative and exciting brand identity and product design around that concept.

The direction I decided to go with this brief was inspired by a zero gravity cocktail glass idea that I saw on Kickstarter. The concept is for a glass that allows the user to drink in space, and this helped me come up with the idea of having an alcoholic beverage orientated by the idea of space travel. The name Null is Norwegian for zero, which adds to the brand story, as the space station the ingredients would be sent from is in Norway. The reason I chose to use cider is because it goes through the fermentation process and it also offers more of a variation in colour, by using different fruit ingredients.

There are three different Null Space Cider flavours, with strong fluorescent colours to offer more of an extra-terrestrial effect. It also uses bottoms up technology when on tap, pouring from the bottom of the cup, making gravity surplus to requirements.