Pop Art Playing Cards

College Project

I did this project while I was studying at Newcastle College; the brief was to use editorial design to come up with something that celebrated an area of art or design. I had a choice of any route to go down with this brief, and a broad range of subjects to choose from.

For this brief I decided to do an editorial piece in the form of playing cards, which celebrated Pop Art, something I have always been a great admirer of, especially the artwork of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. I thought it was important that all the artwork shown stood out by itself on each playing card. This is why I decided to go with a very minimal approach with the layout of each playing card, making sure the artwork was the centre point, ensuring it truly celebrated Pop Art.

I then had the playing cards wrapped in an editorial piece with the name of the artists, and the name of the pop artwork they have done. This is printed on grey paper, which makes the colourful Pop Art pieces stand out more on playing cards.